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Craig Fullerton 

Innovative Strategies for Education

Consulting I Coaching  I Mentoring I Speaking in Educational Context



Craig is a an inspirational thought leader in education, engaging storyteller and published author.

As an experienced coach, consultant and mentor he is committed to sharing his research, knowledge, and innovation tools in the context of education. 

Craig Fullerton

Professional Services

Innovation In Education

Integral Education -

A New Approach In Education Management

Integral Education is a growing discipline that seeks to blend the collective fields of neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and education to create a better understanding of how we learn. Researchers in both education and neuroscience have worked far apart in forming hypotheses about how people learn. Thankfully, that is changing and needs to change with exciting new discoveries, informing the practice of teaching and learning within the broad discipline of neuroscience.




Craig’s approach is inspiring and engaging. It will empower you and focus on helping you to develop
the skills to motivate, inspire and energise yourself and others.




As an engaging coach and mentor Craig will provide insights on both personal and
organisational challenges and equip people with the tools to drive optimal results.




Craig provides inspiring and engaging insights into managing specific organizational or personal
challenges and driving innovation for measurable results, by focussing on people.

Public Speaking, Workshop Facilitation, Presentations



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" I am passionate in helping people discover their purpose - motivational drivers and values; who and why they are who they are and how they can be successful and happy . From my successful experience in schools and over 1500 hours coaching, speaking and consulting experience, I partner with educators, leaders and school communities to help them make the difference they want, to be the best they can be; confidently be who they want to be and stand out from the crowd. "

Craig is brilliant. I recently contacted him for advice regarding fostering engagement whilst delivering remote learning. Following his fascinating consultation, my recent virtual ensemble project was a huge success. Thanks to his ideas and advice on content and achieving connectedness, not only was I able to engage 100% of my learners, I was also able to engage people from the wider community too. Thank you Craig!


- John Samuel Wood, Brass Instrumental Teacher, Conductor & Tuba Player 

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