IF ONLY I COULD TALK WITH SOMEBODY AT SCHOOL! – Creating a Coaching Culture in your school.

Just somebody who I could meet with regularly and talk about my aspirations, my challenges and how I am going. This would make so much of a difference in my personal and professional life.” 

How many times have you heard this or thought it yourself? With the often complicated, multitasking and always busy life of a teacher or administrator in a school we all need a mentor or a coach; just somebody to talk to who perhaps isn’t necessarily our supervisor or manager. Moreover, somebody who we trust and have a great rapport with that will listen to us openly, not try to solve our problems, but to share a ‘coffee conversation’ with, offer different perspectives – to coach us. Working in teaching, education, education leadership and coaching for several years in schools with teachers, education leaders and aspiring education leaders; creating a coaching culture in your school is becoming more popular.

WHY? – because it is providing a forum for teachers to share and talk about all sorts of things to do with their own personal and professional journey. Not necessarily aligned to their department goals, their school goals, the next curriculum review, for example, but essentially just an opportunity to talk about themselves; welcoming the opportunity to be coached and mentored in their car