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Craig Fullerton is considered an inspirational thought leader in integral education. With over 1000 coaching hours, and 2 decades of experience as an Educational Consultant,  Coach, Author and Ted Speaker, he consults, coaches and mentors educational leadership teams, teachers and students in China and Asia Pacific.

As an engaging coach and mentor Craig will provide insights on both personal and organisational challenges and equip people with the tools to drive optimal results.

You will feel encouraged and supported to embrace change, unleash your potential and achieve your ultimate breakthrough performance - your unique genius.

To explore this further book a free consultation.

Craig's Fields of Expertise:

  • One - On - One & Group Coaching  

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Career/Personal Growth Coaching

  • Developing & Implementing Sustainable Coaching Cultures in the workplace  


"Inspiring And Involving People"

Inspiring and involving people (not just students) is your great strength”

Nicholas Little, Head of School, Suzhou-Singapore International School

"Particular Strength In Developing School Leaders"

“…you have a particular strength in developing school leaders and in developing positive relationships with parents.”

Richard Bruford, High School Principal Suzhou-Singapore International School

“Thrives On Responsibility”

“Craig thrives on responsibility and leadership… he is a convincing and persuasive communicator… Craig gives all to a school community.”

Caroline Pomeroy, Head of Music, Wilderness School

(previously at International School Manila.)

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" My commitment is  coaching and sharing tools for solutions with education leaders, teachers and students in schools , colleges and universities, in analysis, innovative development, implementation and training initiatives.." 

Craig Fullerton

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