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Public Speaking

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An Event You'll Remember

Public Speaking, Workshop Facilitation, Master of Ceremony

Craig is an inspirational global thought leader in integral education, engaging storyteller, author, inspirational Coach, and international TED and keynote speaker, committed to sharing his over 2 decades of global experience and research for innovation in education. Craig is often referred to as “THE” expert keynote speaker in education.

His Keynote speaking, presentations, workshops and facilitation are dynamic, entertaining and inspirational.

Your audience will be captivated, entertained and informed by a true thought leader in the industry.

Craig's Fields
of Expertise:

  • Talks For Schools

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Teachers

  • Inspiring, aspiring leaders

  • Student Leaders


“An Incredible Person and An Insightful Coach”

“Your caring and personal approach, coupled with great tools and ideas the past three days has helped me to discover who I was and why I do what I do and why I wasn’t happy in my current job. You are an incredible person and an insightful coach.”

Peter, workshop participant -International Schools China Conference.

"Inspired The Department"

Craig’s devotion to the students inspired the department. He is very charismatic and people cannot help but to like him."

Lisa Arthur, Head of Fine Arts, International Schools Riau Indonesia (previously in Manila.)

“Most vibrant, energetic & Engaging Keynote Speaker”

“Craig you are the most vibrant, energetic & engaging Keynote Speaker we have ever had…Thank you”

Sam Bianzon, International Schools China Conference November 2016 Shanghai. Conference/Training Manager. IBC Asia - An Informa business.

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" With specialist experience in developing Performing Arts facilities , programs, curriculum, professional and personal staff development I  mentor staff, leadership teams and educational institutions to achieve great results. I commit to my clients based on having lived and experienced all that I share in my own rewarding career. I inspire and mentor aspiring leaders, staff and students toward achieving personal  and professional goals, with a growth mindset and the commitment of champions." 

Craig Fullerton

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