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Shared Experience To Leverage Potential

Mentorships in Education Management

Owning your change is vital to true leadership. This requires being in tune with the needs of teachers, students, the school community and your own motivations and strengths as an educator. From over 20 years in education leadership and teacher training in various schools and education systems across the world, Craig will share tools and insights to assist leaders to create lasting, meaningful change and develop confidence in their power to impact people.

Craig provides inspiring and engaging insights into managing specific organizational or personal challenges and driving innovation for measurable results, focused on helping people to develop the skills to motivate, inspire and energise themselves and others.

You will feel elevated to embrace change, unleash your potential and achieve your ultimate breakthrough performance through engagement in self-discovery and clearly identify your strengths; to play a bigger game by authentically tapping into your own unique genius.

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“People Skills… A Clear Thinker”

“Mr Fullerton possesses the people skills so critical in educational administration… he is a clear thinker and refuses to let side issues cloud the central ones.”

Rob Graham, CEO, Schrole

(previously Senior Search Associate & ES Principal: International School Stavanger.)

"Our School Needs More Individuals Like Craig"

Our schools need more individuals like Craig- through his special combination of academic, organisational and people skills, he quickly becomes a trusted and respected leader.”"

Caroline Pomeroy,  Head of Music, Wilderness School, South Australia.

Prev: Fine Arts Director, International School Manila-Philippines

“Hi Enthusiasm & Professionalism Conducts His Programs”

“He has earned the respect and admiration of both his colleagues and the parent community for his enthusiasm and professionalism in the way he manages and conducts his programs”

 Tony Deans, Principal Riverside Christian College, Queensland.  prev:

Business Manager. Riverside Christian College

Craig's Fields of Expertise:

  •       Boards of Schools

  •       Education Leaders & Managers

  •       Aspiring leaders

  •       Teachers and Teacher-Leaders

craig TED 2.png

" With specialist experience in developing Performing Arts facilities , programs, curriculum, professional and personal staff development I  mentor staff, leadership teams and educational institutions to achieve great results. I commit to my clients based on having lived and experienced all that I share in my own rewarding career. I inspire and mentor aspiring leaders, staff and students toward achieving personal  and professional goals, with a growth mindset and the commitment of champions." 

Craig Fullerton

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