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Innovative Strategies for Education Institutions

Consulting with Craig will be innovative and empower leaders and teachers, helping them to focus on developing skills to motivate and inspire themselves and others.

Craig shares over 2 decades of knowledge from extensive experience, research and as an influencer in international and national education systems, whilst always committed to leading creative and inspirational programs that achieve exceptional teaching, learning and business outcomes, with an entrepreneurial approach to driving continuous improvement. 

Craig’s approach is inspiring and engaging. It will empower you and focus on helping you to develop the skills to motivate, inspire and energise yourself and others.

You will be elevated to embrace change, unleash your potential and achieve your ultimate breakthrough performance through self-discovery to play a bigger game by authentically tapping into your own unique genius.

To explore this further book a free consultation.

Craig's Fields of Expertise:

  • Innovation and Transformation in Education | Change Management 

  • Performance Enhancement in the educational context (consulting, coaching, mentoring)

  • Integral Teaching & Learning Strategies for leaders, teachers and students 

  • Curriculum Development | Policy & Program Development

  • Educational Entrepreneurialism | Business Development 

  • School Start-Ups | Facility Planning such as Arts and Theatres design and purpose

  • Neuroscience | Cognitive Psychology | Associative Learning Tools

" With over 25 years experience in international education across the world, I offer genuine insight, consulting, coaching and mentoring to  the education sector across Australia, the Asia Pacific, China, and South East Asia regions." 

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Craig Fullerton


"A Driving Force"

"As Principal Craig was an integral part of the school’s strategic planning and a driving force in the development of key policies utilsed by the Board to progress a growing college.

Tony Deans, Principal Riverside College

"Great Knowledge Of School Systems"

“Your ideas about school and education leadership development throughout Asia, demonstrated great knowledge of school systems and curriculum with great enthusiasm, confidence and business understanding. We rarely see a candidate from the education industry, particularly one with such an innovative and entrepreneurial ideas toward education leadership development”

Mukul Kumar, Chief Innovation Officer, Hults International Business School

“Sharp Eye On Bottom Line”

“[Craig] is well organized and thrives under adversity. He kept a sharp eye on the bottom line, but realized that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks your business.”

Tony Deans, Principal Riverside College

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