Chasing The Dragon's Tail

Craig Fullerton Chasing the Dragon's Tai


A Book That Will Help You Find Passion In Your Purpose

Public Speaking, Workshop Facilitation, Master of Ceremony

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"Drawing from diverse fields of applied neuroscience and cognitive psychology, in Chasing the Dragon's Tail, Craig crosses the traditional boundaries and theories that have separated scientific thinking and human experience in the past. In doing so he opens the door to a bold new paradigm of self-discovery and empowerment." Dr. Justin James Kennedy, Professor of Neuroscience, Executive Coach, Psychologist

We chase the "dream: " promotions, goals, sometimes achieving it only to discover we are not happy. But we can't quite work out why. It's all about how we feel, NOT what we think, that makes all the difference. Drawing on current neurological research to embrace behavioural change, Chasing the Dragon's Tail aims to inspire and light your Dragon's Fire from within. What is directing you? What is your flame? How to keep it burning? The only time a Dragon stops Chasing its Tail is when it knows its Heart and it follows its Heart. And as soon as you put this book down you will feel empowered to achieve whatever you want.

Craig Fullerton

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